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Thursday, 2 February 2012

MorrocanOil For Healthier Hair + My Moroccan Holiday


Discover the power of Moroccanoil, a revolutionary styling, finishing and conditioning product that has been driving the celebs crazy!! Instantly absorbing, Moroccanoil Oil Treatment helps eliminate frizz, easily detangles your locks and provides long term conditioning for added bounce. Who wouldn't want this??
 A wondrous multi-tasker, Moroccanoil Oil Treatment helps to soften thick and unmanageable hair, helps build flexible strength, restores the shine and softness to once dull, lifeless looking hair and even protects against environmental damage. WOWSA! If your hair's been damaged by colouring and styling or you have hair extensions, this product is for you. The unique quality of instant absorption allows it to impart instant shine without leaving an oily residue.

I recently visited Morocco and with me I took the above 'Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner' to ensure frizz free managable hair throughout my stay. Total holiday must have!!

There are also some wonderful Hair Masks included in the Moroccan Oil range

Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask is specifically for damaged and dry hair

Moraccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask was designed specifically for over coloured and chemically treated hair

To check out what Styling Products are available in the Moroccan Oil range and to purchase any of the above click here

Seeing as we are on the Morocco subject I thought I'd add some of my holiday snaps for you to check out!!!

Hotel Riu Tikida Palmarie, Marrakech

Our Little Garden

Rocking the Ray Ban Aviators by the Pool


Me and The BF. I'm wearing a New Look Flowered Playsuit

Our Hallway

The Pool

M&S Vest and Jack Wills Skirt for the evening

A white New Look Dress

Neon Orange Primark Vest and a flowered Jack Wills Skirt

Poolside in my Chloe Shades

Loving the Ray Ban Wayfarers ( I get Men's so they are bigger )

The hecticness that is Marrakech Market

Extremely tanned in my French Connection Denim wrap around Dress

He thought it'd be a great idea to sit in the pot for a pic...Unfortunately the pot fell over!!

Take me back now!!!

Franki xoxo

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Calling All Mothers - Fairytale Hair Care

Anyone who has a child in school will know that the pending fear of your child coming home with a head full of lice is always looming. Well, luckily for you I am now selling an amazing, effective, all natural children's hair care range that removes and repels those itchy little blood suckers!!!

Introducing The Fairytale Rosemary Repel Combi System

This fantastic pack includes the following:

Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye (4 oz)
Rosemary Repel Shampoo (12 oz)
Rosemary Repel Leave-in Spray (8 oz)
Rosemary Repel Creme Conditioner (8 oz)
Rosemary Repel Alcohol Free Gel (8 oz)

For only £34.99 your child could be live lice free for a very long time!!

All of the above can be purchased separately if you need to top up or already have part of the range ;)
or simply click here

Monday, 30 January 2012

New Hair? I joined the Highlights Gang

Sooo I went for a few partial Copper highlights put through my parting this weekend and I have to say they look fantabulous!! GO ME!!! Or go Fiona, my very good friend, whom put the colour on for me :) Check her Website for details on her amazing services!!

Loving it?? I for sureee am!!

I used some excellant products on my hair this weekend too!! They match my hairs needs perfectly. Heres what I used and where you can snap these fab products up from

Tigi Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner

Both available here

Invest in the best people x

Friday, 27 January 2012

How To Get VaVaVOOM Curls Just Like Carrie Bradshaw

Want Curls Like Carrie?? AKA The Hugely Adored Sarah Jessica Parker!!

I'm going to let you know EXACTLY how to achieve the VaVaVoom Curly Tresses that look so superbly stunning on our very own Sex And The City Star SJP!

Firstly you will need the following Products and Appliances -

A Hairdryer and Barrell Brush. To find out how to do a big volumised blow dry to ensure the full WOW factor to your look check here - Blogpost 

If you already know, or have just briefed yourself via the above link lets get going!!!

 A Can Of Tigi Foxy Curls Extreme Curl Mousse Available here for £8.99

This amazing Extreme Curl Mousse is applied to wet hair and once dried in will hold your crazy curls the whole day and night through!

A Diva Professional Hot Wand Available here  for only £39.99

You can snap up this amazing Hot Wand in Purple and Pink!! Its 32mm titanium barrel heats up in a mere 30 seconds and creates beautiful tight volumised curls and loose curls too!! But today we are aiming for tight curls!!

 Tigi Bed Head Fosy Curls Hi Def Curl Spray Available here for £8.99

I swear by this stuff when I wear my hair curly!! Amazing hold, one bottle lasts a lifetime, smells amaze and will supply you with frizz free bouncy curls that'll keep all eyes on you!!
  Now you know how to blow dry volume into your hair AND what additional fab products and appliances you require I can now tell you HOW to get Carries curls in FOUR simple steps!!

1.  Shampoo and Condition your hair

2.  Apply a few pumps of your 'FOXY CURLS MOUSSE' to WET hair starting at the roots and running fingers down through the lengths and ends 

3.  Blow dry you hair using a large radial brush ( as shown here )

4.  Take small sections and wind hair around your 'HOT WAND'- As shown below

Ignore Step Three. If you curl the air around the Hot Wand from above the head leading down towards the scalp you will be creating volume and a tighter curl!!!

After you have finished your hair you should have a look that could put Miss SJP's Hairstylist to shame!! Spritz with your 'FOXY CURLS HI DEF CURL SPRAY' and your ready to rock!!

Flip your head upside down and rough up the curls with your hands for a more VaVaVoom look


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Dumb Blonde

The Range Of The Day Is TIGI DUMB BLONDE

This lovely range of products was created by Blondes for Blondes.... The moisturising, colour locking Papaya fragranced range is the perfect therapy for tired and dull looking Blonde hair. The Dumb Blonde Range revitalises, renews and protects Blondes against the natural elements and styling.

C'Mon Blondes...Don't be Dumb now, Invest in the perfect Haircare range for you

Dumb Blonde Shampoo £8.99

Dumb Blonde Conditioner £10.99

Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff £9.99

Don't overload on these products people. Keep to a minimum. Not only does it prevent product build up but it'll make your products last all the way to the next payday

Visit my Website - here
Or simply comment below

Any Questions? Ask Away x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Blow Dry Volume Into Your Hair Like Cheryl

Hey Hair Lovers

Today I'm going to be talking you through how to recreate the FAB volumised hair styles that the lovely Cheryl Cole seems to always be rocking and what products and tools to use to get the best results!!

Tigi Your Highness Volumising Range

Medium to Large Radial Brush

Alter Ego Hairdryer

Headgear Butterfly Clips

Backbrushing Brush for £7.99

Firstly... Firstly.. PLEASE ensure you've washed and rinsed your hair thoroughly! To blow dry volume into your hair it NEEDS to clean and free from all remnants of hair products and conditioner. Oh and don't condition your roots..That'll make the hair too soft to get the full on WOW factor big hair creates!!! The Shampoo and Conditioner I massively recommend are: Catwalk Elevating Shampoo £8.99 and Conditioner £9.99  

Once you've washed and towel dried your locks apply a few pumps of Tigi Thickening Cream ( £8.99 ) to your roots and run fingers through the lengths and ends. This volumising range are, in my opinion, the doggys bits of volumising hair products. I cant even put into words how much I love Tigi! 

Section out the hair into layers and wrap a layer no thicker then your barrel brush over the top of the brush, with a strong hairdryer ( nozzle attached ) blow dry the hair bringing your brush and dryer upwards but ensuring the air is directing down at all times to avoid frizz. As pictured above.

 Clips available in packs of 12 for £5.99  

 I have the Headgear radial brush range at home but you'll just need the medium brush available for £7.99and an Ego hairdryer available for £99. The dryer comes with a large and small nozzle. I always use the large one!! Repeat this upwards blow drying technique throughout the whole head and you should be left with voluminous big and bouncy hair that everyone will be paying attention to! 

For a sweeping beaut of a side fringe blow dry the hair in the opposite direction from which you wish to wear it. Sweep it back over once dry and it'll create a stunning side fringe that you can be proud of!! Straighten the ends out or curl them. However you please.

Finally finish up with Your Highness Firm Hold Hairspray £8.99
If your first attempt at a big blow dry doesn't come out as intended fear not! Practise makes PERFECT
Happy Blowdrying and Buying x

I am a Consultant for The Hair Company selling the finest in Salon Professional products and throw Hair Party's to promote Tigi Products and Salon Professional accessories and appliances. You can purchase any of the below plus MORE for low proces 100% securely from my website here or email me on